quinta-feira, setembro 09, 2004

The Libertines no Paradise Garage

Os Libertines, os autores de Up The Bracket vão actuar no Paradise Garage no próximo dia 10 de Setembro (amanhã).

No All Music Guide pode-se ler o seguinte:

"The Libertines joined the pop fray of 2002, competing with the likes of the Strokes, Hives, Vines, and Doves with their debut single, "What a Waster." The Bernard Butler-produced track entered the U.K.'s Top 40 in June, leaving NME to crown the Libertines as the best new band in Britain. The double-A-side song "I Get Along" earned Single of the Week on BBC Radio 1. The London-based band, who inked a deal with Rough Trade in December 2001, features Carl Barat (guitar/vocals), Pete Doherty (guitar/vocals), John Hassall (bass), and Gary Powell (drums). Up the Bracket was released stateside in March 2003 while the single Time for Heroes gained momentum on the U.K. charts".


Blogger Bad Cover said...

É hoje!!!!!!
Lá estarei.

10 de setembro de 2004 às 13:40  
Blogger Pedro Barbosa said...

Sem o Doherty, serão os The Libertines a mesma coisa? Não creio.

19 de setembro de 2004 às 17:41  

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